Skills Badge Challenge

The overall aim of SuperSport United Soccer Schools is to play an important part in improving the way that Futebol de Salão and football is both played and coached. With this aim in mind SuperSport United Soccer Schools has introduced this challenge to allow young players everywhere the opportunity and freedom to practice their skills and to push back the barriers of what is believed to be possible with regards to the ball. The challenge aims to help players become complete masters of the ball so that there is nothing that they cannot do with it. Players who successfully achieve level 5 of the challenge will have to be as comfortable and creative with their feet as elite basketball players are with their hands. The challenge caters for everyone and it is the hope of SuperSport United Soccer Schools that the challenge is both challenging and rewarding to children as well as to teachers and coaches who become involved. The challenge is something that we hope is openly embraced by schools everywhere, as we believe that it is the best start for children in football specifically and in sport in general. SuperSport United Soccer Schools hopes that the challenge will be seen in the coming years as a fixture in schools sport and that schools adopt the challenge both within curriculum time as well as in after schools clubs and training sessions. The challenge has been designed to challenge people and to instil in young people that there should be no limits on their ambition and that with hard work and practice anything can become possible. SuperSport United Soccer Schools sees level 5 of the challenge as being the ultimate challenge and believes that players who achieve this should go on to play at the very highest levels of game. In time we hope and believe that professional clubs will look at which badge a player has a way of identifying what kind of player they are and their ability level.

Our Challenge

  • Developing the game of Futebol de Salão at all levels.
  • Developing a coaching structure of the highest quality and continually working to maintain this standard.
  • Helping those involved in the education of children to offer the best possible opportunities to their pupils.
  • Working in partnership with others to improve the quality of our coaching and our coaches.
  • Putting the safety of children as our highest priority.
  • Playing an integral role in improving the coaching and the product of our coaching in Futebol de Salão in particular, and association football in general.
  • Play Futebol de Salão, play beautiful football.
  • Recognises that ours is a multi-racial society and that minority communities have specific needs and aspirations.
  • Acknowledges that disadvantage and discrimination are still present in sport and are big factors, which influence the nature and extent of involvement in sport by minority communities and individuals.
  • Acknowledges that eliminating discrimination and disadvantage from sport is an on-going task and is committed to working towards the elimination of both.
  • Will take positive action to meet the sporting needs and aspirations of minority groups and will also encourage others in pursuit of these objectives.

To work towards and achieve the elimination of disadvantage and discrimination of all kinds in order to achieve a better, stronger and more diverse sporting world.

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