Ryan Macfarlane

Born 1986, SAFA D license, KNVB introductory course.
Ryan has always had a passion for football and youth development.
Been coaching since 2009 and been involved with SSUSS since November 2015.
Believes that the skills badge challenge as well as FDS is the perfect way to develop players!

Jason Picot

Born 1990, Bachelor of education, SAFA level 1 introductory course, KNVB introductory course, SAFA level 3 ref.
Jason has always had a passion for football, from playing to coaching. He coached his first side in 2008 under the watchful eye of Alan Clark and under his mentorship he has grown as a coach.
He started coaching at SSUSS Kempton Park in November 2015 and believes that SSUSS coaching is great as it develops the player holistically.

Neill Michie

Born in 1989, currently working as a school teacher. SAFA ref level 1, Coerver youth diploma course.
Neill eats, lives and sleeps football! He has been coaching on and off since 2007, starting at a company called Soccer Starz.
He believes the SSUSS program is a fantastic way for boys to develop at a fast rate and learn the key elements of the game.
Coach Neill also believes that he is an expert when it comes to FIFA, coach Jason and coach Ryan are still waiting for him to challenge them…

Session Times

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Our training days and times are as follows

Kemptons Park  Festival Mall Sessions

  • Monday – 5:30pm-6:30pm (Age 6-11)

  • Tuesday – 5pm-6pm (Age 10-12)

  • Tuesday – 6pm-7pm (Age 13-15)

  • Wednesday – 5:15pm-6:15pm (Age 6-8)

  • Wednesday – 6:15pm-7:15pm (Age 9-11)

  • Thursday – 5:15pm-6:15pm (Age 10-12)

  • Thursday – 6:15pm-7:15pm (Age 13-15)

  • Friday – 5pm-6pm (Age 6-8)

  • Friday – 6pm-7pm (Age 9-12)

  • Saturday – 8:30am-9:30am (Age 4-6)

  • Saturday – 9:30am-10:30am (Age 7-11)

  • Saturday – 10:30am-11:30am (Age 12-16)

Our Benoni/ Boksburg East Rand Italian Club

  • Monday – 5:15pm-6:15pm (Age 10-15)
  • Tuesday – 5:15pm-6:15pm (Age 5-9)
  • Wednesday – 5:15pm-6:15pm (Age 10-15)
  • Friday – 5:15pm-6:15pm (Age 5-9)
  • Saturday 9:30am-10:30am (Age 10-15)
  • Saturday 10:00am-11:00am (Age 5-9)



Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Ryan Macfarlane
Festival Mall,
Corner of Kelvin & Cr Swart Drive
Kempton Park

Tel Numbers: 

+27 (0)83 227 6852