Soccer stars... Players of the SuperSport United Soccer Academy and Bryneven Primary School soccer teams.

BRYANSTON – Bryneven Primary School has aligned with the Supersport United Soccer Academy.

Bryneven Primary School is currently aligning with the SuperSport United Soccer Academy in an effort to offer its pupils an opportunity to improve their sporting skills.

“The alignment with SuperSport United Soccer Academy seemed a logical fit as Bryneven Primary School has invested a lot of time in upgrading it’s overall sports development across the several sporting programmes that the school offers,” said Previn Naicker, director of sport at the school.

Naicker added that the school’s primary sports objective was to give pupils the opportunity to enjoy sport, and the biggest benefit that the SuperSport United Soccer Academy offered was that pupils would get to play soccer throughout the year. This will keep the pupils physically active and improve the school’s standard of soccer by offering better coaching, he said.

“Because it’s a team-oriented sport, it is incredibly easy for kids who play soccer to make friends with players from the SuperSport United Soccer Academy that can often last a lifetime,” said Naicker. “Soccer teaches important life lessons like teamwork and good sportsmanship that can help foster healthy, worthwhile peer-group interactions.”

The school has also aligned with underprivileged schools in Witkoppen and Diepsloot, with the aim to give underprivileged children an opportunity to benefit from better soccer coaching and top class facilities.

Mike Hughes, head of Supersport United Soccer Academy Sandton believes that the training programme would improve the skills of young players. “The introduction of the SuperSport Soccer Academy [formerly Brazilian Soccer Schools] in South Africa has addressed the urgent need to provide all children with a dynamic, globally-proven and cutting edge soccer coaching programme that will assist players to achieve their dreams in football,” said Hughes.

He added that parents of children who have enrolled in the academy have given favourable feedback and testimonials regarding their child’s improvement at school, including improved concentration in class and more enthusiasm on and off the sports field in general.