SUSS ball

The SUSS Ball

It’s fair to say that there are lots of football camps, clubs and training schools out there, so why choose SuperSport United Soccer Schools?

For us top of the list must be the ball. Having been involved in youth football for many years, we’ve seen just how difficult it is for a young player learning the game to control a standard football. It’s a challenge that many watching the game often forget.

With a ball bouncing all over the place, players chase around the pitch desperately trying to gain control as it pings from one player to another.

In Brazil the game of Futebol de Salao has helped generations of players to discover just what is possible with our special ball at their feet.

The weight, the size and the minimal bounce develops technique and confidence in a player, ingredients that are needed for creativity to flourish. Our sizes vary from 1-4 and rebound 10% - 25%.

The skills and close control that the ball encourages makes Futebol de Salao a fun game to play and watch.

A trap or roll with the sole of the foot, a close dribble with tricky footwork or a turn that fools an opponent are what we all play or watch football to see.

In our view the unique FDS ball should play a part in the early development of every player.

With technique comes confidence. All follows from there.